Field: week 2- Illuminate

Part 1- We were given the task of creating a 20 second video in groups with the word illuminate as our stimulus. My group strongly agreed that we wanted to use lighting on the body and one’s self. Using this as a starting point we began experimenting.

illuminate 1

We started with our faces and hands we especially loved the way the light passed through our eyes when hitting our profile. As well as the bold contrast of shadow cast on half the face. This made us think about what it means to illuminate: light and dark, good and evil, to shed light on, to be illuminated both physically and figuratively.

illuminate 4

The silhouettes of our hand made for a lovely image. The hand in the image resembles someone reaching forward towards the light. This spurred on more conceptual thinking about god; going towards the light, enlightenment and spirituality.

illuminate 3

We incorporated a projector and different coloured acetate to add colour.

illuminate 2

and then played around with ink and the projector and we had some really nice results. The way the light passed through the liquid was a truly lovely effect.

Here’s our final outcome:

Im happy with our final video we were astonished that from so little we had created a brief narrative, simply from the word illuminate.

Part 2- We were given another groups video and were told to make a beginning of the video through either another video, an image or an installation. we decided to make an installation. The video we were given was of light passing through water and ink being dropped in. We took the idea of light interacting with water and started trying some ideas out.

We found some perspects boxes and filled them with water , in a dark space, using the lights on our phones, we played with different angles to see the different effects they created. We experimented with different objects on the surface of the water and the shadows they cast, including patterns printed on accertate and tinsel string pictured above. The effects were stunning:

shine 1shine 2

Im really pleased with this final outcome, I thought the rainbow effects were particularly lovely. The sereen watery atmosphere in the room can’t really be captured by our photography. However I enjoy that aspect as its an individual experience each time someones enters, whether or not they decide to interact with the containers or not will change the patterns and effects that individual sees.

Part 3 – we then had to create another insulation using the final out come from a different groups last project again. we were given a stimulus from a previous group to work from and we got thinking. We decided to make an istillation stemming form the inky instillation we were given. We wanted it to be playful yet intriguing and subverting audience expectations with audience participation. Here is our design

we would encourage the audience members to squirt the paint filled guns and the wet t shirt hanging but the colour would drip into as black pool on the floor giving the impression the paint was changing colour.

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