Field: week 1 – Colour

We started by learning about colour theory and the concepts of complimentary colours. What I found most interesting was learning about pairing colours. I had never previously considered a single colour, like yellow for example to have more blue or red in it. Learning about the tertiary colours opened my eyes about paint mixing and creating a colour you want. I’ve always had trouble with this in the past and I feel I have really taken something away from this process.

we started by picking a colour from the wheel and had to make a complimentary colour for our chosen colour. This was my choice…blue

and here are the colours I came out with, we also practiced how to make black using all the colours which was much harder than I had expected.

colours feild

We then learnt all about screen printing, which I really enjoyed.

How to screen print:

  1. prepare screen, wash screen hard with spray cleaner work into the screen and pressure wash off.
  2. 15 mins in dryer
  3. apply light sensitive blocker
  4. 45 mins in dryer
  5. expose for 4 mins with stencil
  6. lightly rinse with pressure washer to reveal image
  7. 15 mins in dryer
  8. 4 mins plain expose
  9. set up screen by lining up with markers and making sure is secured.
  10. tape up edges of screen
  11. do a test onto the marker sheet to ensure paper will be lined up correctly.
  12. pull back at 45 degree angle and remember to flood the screen after every use.


screen printing 1

screen printing 2

Here are some of my experiments:

screen printing 3screen printing 4

screen printing 5

I first started by just playing around with general patter and colour. seeing which paper worked best with my colour and how different sheets reacted with each other. With my light project in mind I made a fire pattern for my shape, and started experimenting with it.

screen printing 9

screen printing 10

screen printing 7

screen printing 8

I also layered my pattern with others patterns that I thought complimented mine.

screen printing 6

Im really happy with the prints I made and over all I think screen printing is a very effective process. I plan on experimenting further with this process and maybe moving on to screen printing fabrics.

Our task was then, in groups create an optical illusion playing with colour in the form of a sculpture. This was our out comes:

colour outcomecolour outcome 2

Im so pleased with our final outcome I love that it is kinetic and interactive. I feel it really hit the brief perfectly in an imaginative way. If i had more time it would be interesting to make lots that could be suspended and all span together. Or even just increase the scale rather than just a table top sized marquette.

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