Construction of test puppet mouth mechanism

Cut out wood pieces before construction:

Piece of pvc piping cut to be used as the hinge of the mouth:

I screwed the top piece of wood into the stem and added the hinge and put lower jaw in place. Originally I was going to use extra pieces of wood to stop the pipe from popping off when the jaw opened but they were too big. To solve this cut indents into the wood for the pipe to sit in and it really solved the issue.

I then drilled 2 wholes into the bottom jaw and fed a string through the wholes and fastened underneath.

This completed the top section of my mouth mechanism, just the handle to finish the model.

I then started by doing a test of foam sculpting for the dragon head. I really enjoyed the process as it was very satisfying but it just didn’t have the a good finish and I couldn’t get to grips with the technique so I decided to try a different method for the real thing.

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