I really enjoyed our trip to the Saatchi gallery for the Collect exhibition. Its truly eye opening to see some high end works and what we could be working towards was a very exciting prospect. With our brief of light in mind I took pictures of my favourite pieces.

Steffen Dam- Cabinet of Curiosities

I really enjoyed these pieces and the glass works so well with the lit backdrop. It really highlights every detail right down to the last bubble. I think glass is obviously a good possible choice of material for this project.

I particularly like the translucent colouring on these pieces. Also the contrast of the smooth outer shell with the twig like interior really catches the light in a beautiful way.

I was interested in the copper leaf finish on this glass piece. The colour and shine are really beautiful. Particularly the way the shape of the glass bends the light and reacts with the surface detail.

These sculptures are purely relying on light to bring them to life and I especially enjoyed them as the lighting from below highlighting the branches I thought resembled a snowy scene. But I like the idea that different lighting and colours would completely change them.

I enjoyed this piece as the reflective surfaces and abstract shape almost create an optical illusion.

I really fell in love with this series of work as mother of pearl is a favourite of mine. I love the iridescent quality, compiled in this circle format really highlights its beauty.

Katie spragg– Her use of projection and sound was interesting and I felt relaxed and calm from the images and sound. I like the idea of effecting my audiences mood when experiencing my work. However what I found most interesting with the piece was that the projection was in fact white however when I took a photo of it up close it came out in a beautiful rainbow! This change of perspective would be a nice way to explore light.




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