Light project burn test

I decided I need to make some small structures to see what burnt best. I used very dry twigs for the man sculpture and slightly more fresh foliage and twigs for the other structure.

burn test 1burn test 2

I found the dry twigs extremely difficult to work with as they were too brittle to weave properly. the fresher twigs made a more solid structure and help together well but didn’t burn anywhere near as well. For my final [piece i need to gather fresh materials and work with them quick whilst constructing but wait a significant amount of drying ttime before burning.

I filmed the process the video can be found at the ling below.

I also realise now i will need a far more powerful lighting implement as I attempted it with nothing but a lighter. This also made me realise that i prefered the more abstract sculptural shape rather than the more figurative form and I plan on taking this forward.

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